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6 Week Training Specials

Unrolling Yoga Mat

Back to Fit

If you haven't exercised since your last P.E. Lesson at school, or are lacking in confidence when it comes to knowing where to start, this 6 week Back to Fit programme is perfect for you.


Over 6 weeks with weekly one-to-one sessions I will help you learn the fundamentals to a good workout using nothing more than your own bodyweight and an exercise mat.


I will teach you how to perform core exercises with good form, putting together a variety of workouts that you will feel confident to carry out on your own between sessions and hopefully for even longer.

resistance bands.jpg

Resistance Band Course

Imagine a piece of equipment that you can literally fit into your pocket and take anywhere and everywhere with you. A piece of kit that can work every bit of your body weighing just a matter of ounces! Loop Resistance Bands offer an incredible workout if you know what to do with them.


This 6 week course will go through a variety of workouts that will train your arms, back, abdominals as well as legs.


You'll gain strength, work muscles you didn't know you had and I am incredibly confident you'll soon be sharing the love everyone you know!

resistance bands.jpg

Kettlebell Course

The kettlebell may well be my favourite bit of kit! 


I have put together this 6 week programme to share with you all of the key benefits of this brilliant weight. So much so you might even find you start packing it in your suitcase to take on holiday with you - it's that good!


Over the weeks we will work together to show you how the kettlebell can work every bit of your body allowing you to feel confident in using it and ensure you're using it to its full potential.

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