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1 : 1 Training Sessions

Why Personal Training?

Personal Training sessions will be aligned with goals that we will set together - whether you are looking at weight-loss, improvements to strength and/or fitness. Whatever it is I will include things that you are going to enjoy, I want your training to feel positive, for it to be sustainable and never like punishment. I want you to look forward to seeing me!

Personal Training Sessions include:

 - 45-60 minutes training session

 - Fully tailored workout plan

 - Support between training sessions as required

 - Body measurement tracking (every 6 weeks)


Benefits of Personal Training Sessions?

 - I will teach you how to do exercises with correct form

 - you will learn about exercise, fitness and your body

 - accountability

 - track progress

 - nutritional advice

 - more energy

 - gain confidence

 - improve quality of life

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