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About Me

From fatness to fitness

My name is Lianne and I am an ex-overeater and under-exerciser!

Today I am a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer, at a healthy weight, with a love of fitness and exercise, the ability to run, lift weights, cook and eat healthy food and still eat cake!

The thing is, I have been fat and unfit. Not just a few pounds for a few months, but multiple stones for multiple years...sometimes 6 stone overweight, sometimes 2 or 3. From my teens to my mid-thirties I was never really at a healthy weight or had any levels of fitness for a sustained period of time.

Within 12 months, using a combination of exercise and improving my eating habits, I lost 5 stone, staying that way for over 2 years without a fad in sight! 



what it's like to think that exercise isn't for me.

what it's like to go into a shop and be fed up of reaching for the sizes at the back of a rail.

what it feels like to look in a mirror and really hate what I see.



what it's like to find comfort in 3 (6) chocolate digestives and a bag of midget gems and a slab of chocolate cake, in one day!

what it's like to not want to have a photograph taken because none look like how I think I look.

every excuse in the book.


I WAS...

an overweight (6st), stay at home mum, with an element of post-natal depression and anxiety.

one of those people who kept those feeling inside because let's face it, there's always people worse off.

greedy and lazy and stuck in a rut.



my attitude, I finally got to the point where enough was enough and realised that I was the only thing stopping myself.

my mind about exercising, discovering it's a great stress-reliever and confidence builder.

my diet and eating habits and discovered a love of new foods and cooking.




to help you people find the confidence you may not even realise is missing; to look in a mirror and smile.

to help you fit in a party dress and feel amazing, or do up jeans that haven't in years.

you to not be the person hiding behind everyone else.

to push you out of your comfort zone and show you what your body is capable of.




so can you

Send me an email or give me a call 07584 414124

Don't wait until next Monday!


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