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Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have lots of questions, I've tried to answer as many as possible for you, but if you have more, please get in touch and I'll be happy to help.

  • Do I need to be fit or have exercised before?
    No. How else would anyone begin? Training evolves as you do. If you have exercised, even a long time ago, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your body reacts and remembers what to do. If you're a beginner, I'll work with you at your pace and teach you all you need to know.
  • Do I need equipment?
    I'm mobile and bring equipment along with me to our sessions, so technically no, you just need yourself. You may find that you want to get your own equipment as time goes on - I can advise on what would be helpful based on what you're hoping to achieve.
  • What happens during a Personal Training Session?
    A training session typically lasts 1 hour and in that time we'll do a brief warm-up followed by your main training programme which will focus on the goals you're hoping to achieve. At the end we'll do a cooldown/stretching session. There is also plenty of time for us to talk and for you to ask questions.
  • I don't have much space to exercise.
    We can be creative - as long as you have enough room to jump up and down, lay down and stretch out that's more than enough to get a good workout in!
  • How long before I see results?
    How long's a piece of string? The good news is that once you start to exercise on a regular basis you will very quickly start to feel better. As a rough guide you should start to notice initial changes within 4-6 weeks. A lot will depend on what your goals are, whether you're improving cardio, gaining muscle, or losing weight. Make exercise, healthy eating your focus and you'll see great results. What you put in you'll get out and improvements in health, fitness and wellbeing will be there for months and years to come.
  • Can I train with a friend?
    Absolutely! That's why I offer Buddy Up as a programme - so not only can you share the cost it's great for motivation and accountability. Ensure that you have similar goals though so that you both get the most out of a training programme.
  • I've done the 6 week course - what happens next?
    6 weeks is an ideal amount of time to get great short-term results, while you build momentum and healthy habits that will make the biggest difference to you in the longer term. Most people get so much from the 6 week course that they go on to regular 1:1 sessions where you get a new programme tailored specifically to you and your own goals. As you progress these programmes change, we introduce new workouts as your abilities adjust. The beauty of fitness and exercise is that there is no end to it, you'll find things you love, you'll try new things, possibilities are endless.
  • Do you offer nutritional advice?
    As a qualified Personal Trainer I am in a position to be able to offer nutritional advice, but I am not qualified as a nutritionist nor a dietitian, I'm not qualified to write meal plans or recommend any particular "diet", but I can share with you advice on eating more healthily/nutritionally. I come from a fortunate position in that I was really fat for a lot of years and my diet/eating habits were awful, honestly, nothing you ever tell me about your eating habits will ever shock me because my own have been dreadful! Please don't be embarrassed at yours, there is always time to make changes. I changed and I'm always happy to share advice on how you can make simple, but effective changes to soon start seeing the benefits that I now do.
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