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Posture - sit up and take note!

Sit up when you're reading this. Go on, sit up properly, feet on the floor, stop slouching, shoulders back, chest out, back straight, engage your core (hold your tummy in), that's it, doesn't that feel better? You're probably even breathing better already and maybe even smirking or rolling your eyes!

Posture is something we don't really think about too much, if at all, yet it has a significant effect on our physical performance.

Bad back? Sore neck? Pelvic pain? Poor balance? It could be down to the way you stand, the way you sit, even just the way you carry yourself every day without even realising.

When you're out and about have a look at your reflection in a shop window and you're likely to notice your shoulders slightly hunched or perhaps you have a tendency to lean back and push your pelvis forward, perhaps you have your head down (stop looking at your phone when you're walking, it's going to ruin your neck).

Stand up tall! Stand up as if you aren't trying to hide, pull your shoulders back, your chest out, hold your head high and do you know what? You'll probably discover you are an inch taller than you thought you were and you'll feel better. Doesn't even cost a penny!

Fixing the problem

Improvements to posture can be made by carrying out simple exercises where you don't even need to break into a sweat!

A simple exercise to try is Wall Angels:

- Stand with your back against a wall; you want your heels, bottom, back, head, shoulders, elbows and wrists to all be in contact with the wall.

- Slowly (no prizes for rushing) raise your hands up until they are over your head.

- Slowly lower your hands until they are level with your shoulders, making sure they are touching the wall the whole time.

- Repeat 5-10 times.

You should feel a difference as soon as you step away from the wall. This exercise stretches out the chest muscles and strengthens those between your shoulder blades. That is what improves your posture, if you do the exercise on a regular basis along with other supporting movements.

It is that simple.

Using a Personal Trainer isn't all about sweating and getting out of breath and being shouted at. It's about using someone who can teach you to do things correctly. Help you to target areas that bother you. Make improvements to your body that are sustainable. To help you see what you're really capable of.

If you want to arrange a consultation to discuss a plan for you then please get in touch. or call 07584 414124. I look forward to hearing from you. x

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