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The scale is not the only measure of success.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a fitness fanatic you will want to get something out of your efforts when it comes to exercising and getting fit.

Some people want to train because they have a specific goal in mind, perhaps fitting into something at the back of the wardrobe, or seeing a certain set of numbers on the scales. Training sessions, changes to dietary habits and commitment to training should see someone get to there.

Other people (most) want to train simply to improve their health; understanding that fitness, exercise, nutrition and mental wellness all go together to support maintaining a strong and healthy body.

Regardless of the type of person wanting to train, one of the scales of progress people rely on are the numbers on a set of scales. If someone wants to lose 4 stone, to measure that progress it would obviously involve getting on the scales and recording what they say.

But what about if you don't have scales? Or you don't have lots of weight to lose? Or you simply don't want to focus on weightloss?

Well you are in for a treat! There are loads of victories to look forward to when you take up a fitness programme and they don't rely on that step in your bathroom.

Non Scale Victories - that's what they're known as; positive achievements and results that aren't about a number of kilograms/pounds.

If you ask me, these should be your motivation. Hitting these goals should make you proud. They are proof your body is capable of more than you perhaps give it credit for. Proof that you can make changes. Proof that you are the one in control. Proof that you can do it.

Non-Scale Victories

More Energy

Inches Lost

Ability to do more repetitions

A desire to actually want to exercise

Discovering a love of a new healthy food

Fewer cravings for rubbish

Recovery time gets shorter

You feel healthier

Improved mood

Clothes fit more comfortably - you may even go down a size or 2!

Improved sleep

People notice that you look different

Some of these are immeasurable, that doesn't mean they aren't valid. If something makes you smile and makes you feel proud then you should be happy with that and pat yourself on the back. It's proof that your hard work and efforts are worthwhile.

I can vouch for all of the above. For a long time a few years ago my focus was too much on the scales going down that I failed to notice everything else going on.

The sense of satisfaction when you've had a good workout is amazing, but so too is being able to go out with friends and family and not be the one feeling tired first if you've been walking. The feeling of opening your wardrobe and picking something to wear without worrying about it doing up is amazing - and yes, it is possible to still have absolutely nothing to wear even when it does all fit!

So if you're starting out and setting yourself goals, bear in mind that there is a lot more to be gained than you realise from getting fit and being healthy.

If you've been working out, or trying to lose weight then remember to look out for the other benefits to your efforts rather than just a few numbers on some scales.

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