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Is it harder for women to lose weight?


There you go, that was brief!

Seriously though, it is harder for women to lose weight compared to men.

Understanding and educating yourself around little facts like this can really help you on your way, especially those times when it doesn’t seem to be so easy!

On average women are shorter and lighter compared to men. Yes, this is just an average, but generally speaking this means it is harder for us ladies to shift the weight, compared to a man wanting to do the same.

Why is this?

We burn fewer calories than men

On average our bodies are smaller and have less muscle, this means when we exercise we burn less calories (remember, calorie-deficit = weight-loss). In order to achieve the same calorie-burn as a man we have to work out longer and/or harder.

A calorie deficit is harder for us to achieve

Being smaller our use of energy is lesser compared to a man, because of this we should consume less food. If for example you’re staying at your current weight by eating 1,900 calories per day, to lose 1lb a week you need to reduce that intake to 1,400 calories. Men, well if they’re maintaining their weight on 3,000 calories a day, they can lose the 1lb per week by eating 2,500 calories. That’s why it always looks like men don’t have to sacrifice too much when it comes to eating!

We gain more muscle with exercise

Generally speaking we have less muscle compared to men, especially in our upper bodies. However, this means it is a lot easier for us to gain muscle when we start training, which is great right? Yes, but it comes at the prices of adding muscle and muscle has a weight, which is why it sometimes seems like you’re not losing weight as quickly as you feel you should be!

So yes ladies, we do indeed have a few hurdles compared to men, but that’s not to say it’s impossible for you to lose the weight. Remember don’t just focus on the scales; if you are adding muscle and toning up you will be losing inches, so get the tape measure out and keep a check on your bust, waist and hips at the very least!

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