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Best Reasons for using a Personal Trainer

Many people hesitate when it comes to hiring a Personal Trainer, wondering whether they’re ready to commit. Is it worth paying for? What are the overall benefits? Understandably people feel cautious, worrying about whether they’re the unfittest person the PT will ever have seen, or that they’re beyond help!

Our lives are being made easier in society in so many ways these days, but this seems to be to the detriment of our health. Think about it; lifts, escalators, dishwashers, drive-thrus, online grocery shopping etc. all of these are decreasing not only our workload, but also decreasing our physical activity levels. 8 in 10 office workers spend between 4 and 9 hours a day sitting at their desks – that is around 67 sedentary days per worker, per year. Add on top of that the number of hours sleeping and you’ll soon realise that getting up and moving is more important than ever.

We all know that exercise, a good healthy and balanced diet is good for us and yet, for 1,001 reasons we don’t all practice that lifestyle, certainly not consistently enough. Getting started is one of the hardest things because by the time you’re an adult you have a lot of long-standing habits that perhaps don’t have your health and wellness as a priority, the way it should be.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone-up, clear your headspace, improve mobility, whatever it might be, a personal trainer can help you achieve your goal in a way that is tailored to you – that’s why it’s called “Personal” training. The knowledge and skills of a trainer can be a great advantage and the training sessions should provide you with the skillset and confidence to train on your own in the future if you wish to.

Here’s a few reasons why training with a Personal Trainer could be just what you need.


It can be a bit of a struggle staying motivated when you’re working out on your own, working with a PT can help overcome this and when your energy levels drop they’re more likely to encourage you and make sure you don’t give up. They’ll also help you to realise working out doesn’t have to be a chore, you’ll start to find it’s something to be enjoyed! Yes, really.


If you’re training on your own it is oh so easy to skip a session or not bother doing that workout at home you were going to do. Having scheduled appointments with a trainer means you’re a lot less likely to cancel which leads to much better consistency and then much better results.


It is so common for people to struggle to get results when they are working out on their own, probably because you’re not actually all that sure what you’re doing, what you should be doing, whether you’re doing it right, doing enough, pushing enough. That’s simply because many people aren’t fitness professionals, it’s not always that obvious. A trainer should be able to support you and encourage you to feel confident in doing things without them.


There are many many companies, especially online that offer training programmes, however, these are not specific to you and can often be quite generic. Having a personal trainer, face to face, giving you a workout to you and your needs is very different. It also allows for changes to a programme depending on illness, injury, mood etc. which an online programme can’t take into account.


It’s a trainers job and passion to help you reach your goals and I can assure you we notice every little change and improvement that even you don’t see for yourself. We want you to hit your goals because we know you’re capable of doing it even when you don’t. Your successes are ours.


When you train on your own, how often do you get your phone out and have a quick look on Facebook or Twitter, or quickly reply to a message? How much of the hour do you spend actually exercising? With a Personal Trainer this isn’t possible! We want to make the most of the time we spend with you. That’s not to say we aren’t there to talk to, but we’re there to make sure you focus that hour on you.


Unless you have floor-to-ceiling mirrors, unless you have had specific training, then it’s not always obvious whether you’re performing and exercise correctly or safely. A trainer will be able to demonstrate the correct way of performing an exercise to make sure that you get the full benefits of the exercise as well as reduce the risk of any injury.


Having a trainer means you’ll constantly be learning and developing your own skills which has a huge impact on your confidence levels. This should encourage you to want to and be able to carry out workouts independently to accelerate your results.


I chose to be a mobile personal trainer, as opposed to working from a gym or online because I am well aware that not everyone wants to or even can access a gym; they’re pretty intimidating places for some, the timings and logistics don’t always work, so as a personal trainer I meet with clients either in their homes/gardens or an outdoor space they feel comfortable in. I’m also aware that 9-5 doesn’t suit everyone, so my availability is flexible from early morning to evening slots.


When deciding to get a trainer, it is really important to choose the right one for you. There are lots of us out there and we all have a areas of specialty, we all have different approaches and you want to find one who is going to fit into your life, who is going to get you where you want to. For some people that is a trainer who offers “military-style” training, for others it is someone who takes things slowly and eases you into the process.

It’s really important that you feel comfortable with your trainer, that’s why initial consultations are so useful; it’s an opportunity to see if you have the right connection because let’s face it, you don’t want to be spending time and money with someone you don’t particularly like!

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or just wanting to update your fitness goals, there is someone out there who will be your perfect match. Understand your goals and get the help you need to get you where you want to be.

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