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A little of what you fancy...

So according to Facebook and its "Memories" I seem to have a problem at this time of year, pretty much every year, with not being able to stop myself eating chocolate coins.

My Festive Nemesis

Any other time of year I don't have chocolate coins, just from around mid/early-November!

Now I know the most simple solution to this would be to not buy chocolate coins at all, but, well, they're just shiny, they look nice, I find taking off the foil wrapper somewhat therapeutic, I quite like the taste of cheap chocolate and for goodness sake it's Christmas (nearly) and there's no harm whatsoever in a little treat.

That's the key thing...little. I don't need the whole bag, nobody needs to eat a whole bag of coins in one go. Just like nobody needs to sit and eat a whole tub of Mini-Cheddar-Trees in an afternoon. Or a tub of Pringles...the red ones do look quite cool in their Santa outfit though. Nobody needs to eat the whole block of blue cheese in one night just like nobody needs to eat 10 roast potatoes at dinnertime!

Temptation is everywhere and more so at this time of year. "I've earned it", "I deserve a treat", "it's Christmas". There is an answer and justification for everything, but just because it's (nearly) Christmas it doesn't mean you have to go crazy, especially if, like a lot of people, you are going to sit at the beginning of January feeling bloated and lethargic and a little uncomfortable in your jeans wishing you hadn't eaten what feels like a years worth of food in a fortnight!

So before it all starts going Christmassy Crazy just try and get your head in a good place when it comes to making choices.

Of course you should have something if you want to have it, but do you really need 2 mince pies? Would 5 Celebration chocolates be enough instead of 8 (hands off the Malteasers they're mine)? Would 1 glass of Mulled Wine do instead of a bottle? Heck it's Christmas switch to Vodka that's much lower in calories! Maybe let the chocolates on the tree stay there for more than 2 days.

Who can still have chocolate in by February?

So yes, tis the season to be jolly, a little bit of what we fancy does us good. But try and let it just be Santa getting stuck in the chimney!

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