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7 Reasons to use a Personal Trainer

Really there are hundreds...but these should be enough to give you some food for thought!

1 - It's Personal - there are so many ways to get fit and healthy, there are thousands of apps out there, but the problem with online training? It's not personal! One size does not fit all.

At a consultation before a session even takes place, I would get to know you, find out about what you like, what you don't like, what you can and can't do, what you want to achieve and at the same time you'd get to know me. Then I would go away and design a plan that you will want to do and that will get you results.

2 - Reduce the risk of injury - using a personal trainer ensures you are carrying out exercises correctly. As part of a training session I would demonstrate the exercise first and then when you do it I will make sure your form is correct to prevent injury as well as making sure you're getting the most out of each exercise.

3 - No wasted time - if you are paying for a training session you will want to get your money's worth. See each training session as a set period of time where the focus is solely on you, working out to get closer to your goals. Working out in your own home with me also means that you don't have any travelling to/from the gym, so you really are getting more time from a session.

4 - Goal setting - setting goals isn't as easy as you would think; focus is so often on a goal that seems so far away you've demotivated yourself before you've even got started. My role is to help you set goals that are realistic and achievable; short, mid and long-term goals agreed to that there is always something within reach.

5 - Motivation - everyone starts with good intentions, but after a few days, weeks or months it gets harder, especially now we have nights drawing in and it's getting colder. Workouts can seem boring or repetitive and you can lose interest. My job is to pick you up when you need it, remind you of where you want to be, offer support between appointments, keep your programme updated and keep you on track.

6 - Variety - it is all too easy to stick to what you know, it's comfortable, but it can lead to boredom and plateaus in progress. I have 1,001 tricks in my leggings, a plethora of equipment, different exercises to keep things fresh and keep you on your toes and make sure you see results for months to come!

7 - Unofficial therapist - exercise is so good for you physically, everyone knows that, but it's also really good for your mental health and general wellness. Talking to someone regularly can have a really positive effect alongside physical activity. I want to help you reach your goals and I understand that to do this sometimes it's an ear that's needed as well as a helping hand; the 2 go together really well.

If you want to find out more about Personal Training with me then please get in touch - or call 07584 414124.

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